Catherine Louis

Catherine Louis

Base: USA
Works as a: CST
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Catherine has over 20 years of software development experience in complex product development in large telecommunication firms. Her focus is on Agile methods, Agile R&D, and managing organizational Agile transitions: Enabling change to build speed and flexibility in business. Her specialty: Agile transitions in the scope of large, multi-nodal solutions, high-reliability systems, with large teams of several hundred to several thousand R&D employees located worldwide.


Catherine’s focus is on helping organizations transition from traditional (waterfall) project-driven governance to adopting Agile/Scrum in a Lean, continuous flow framework. Her focus is not just on the R&D development teams, rather it is on the end-to-end flow from the “idea” phase at the front-end of development, through to full support of large, multi-customer based established products involving Channel Partners, Supply Management, Operations and Offshore partners.

Her in-house experience includes over 3 years as Product Owner of the Agile transition at a large telecommunication firm, enabling the transition of over 2,200 R&D employees from a waterfall methodology to Agile/Scrum.

Client companies, among other public and private sector industries, include large power and telecommunication firms inclusive of both hardware and software development.
Her extensive Operations and Business Development experience includes highly technical marketplaces worldwide.

She accelerates the successful adoption of Agile/Scrum in a Lean framework, inclusive of Engineering practices such as TDD, A-TDD and Continuous Integration, with her ability to engage and provide guidance on the Agile transformation framework across all corporate levels.

You may reach her at, linkedin/in/catherinelouis, or on twitter @catherinelouis

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