CSPO Certified Scrum Product Owner

Taught by James O. Coplien
March 18-19, 2013 in Tampere, Finland

The Product Owner is the strong — or weak — link in successful Scrum products. Do you know how to write an enabling specification? Do you know how to drive your team to success? Come and direct this course where you need it to go — because you’re the boss!

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Edutech, Hermiankatu 1, 4th Floor, Hermia, Tampere, Finland FI-33101


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This unique Product Owner certification course teaches you the basics of running a project using Scrum. You’ll learn that You’re the Boss, and that you’re in command — yet your team is in control. You’ll learn the balance of power and governance between the Product Owner, the Team, and the ScrumMaster that make Scrum an effective framework for achieving business goals.

Because You’re the Boss, you build this course yourself from a product backlog that’s already been estimated by the team (the course instructor). You’ll learn right away the importance of choosing must-haves for the market, of honoring dependencies between Product Backlog Items (PBIs), and of getting the most value for your time — all in the first half hour! How it proceeds from there is your choice. Choose from topics in areas such as:

See the Agenda below for more information.

We’ll also go in-depth to cover User Stories, traditional requirements, features, Use Cases, and issues, and their strengths and weaknesses as PBIs. We’ll take a broad, all-encompassing look at ROI, and look at Agile Contracts: change for free and money for nothing!


The agenda will be chosen by the class from the following items (* = required for certification):

  1. Vendor management
  2. Scrum basics *
  3. Your product backlog
  4. The Product backlog *
  5. Requirements as product backlog items (depends on #4)
  6. Poker Planning * (is done as part if #10)
  7. Enabling Specifications *
  8. The Product Owner team
  9. Customer Engagement *
  10. Team Engagement *
  11. Process Improvement
  12. Sprint Planning *
  13. Release Planning * (depends on 12)
  14. Sprint Backlog & task board
  15. The Daily Scrum
  16. Burn-Down Charts (depends on 14)
  17. “Done” and technical debt
  18. Emergency procedure * (depends on #8, #10, #12, #14)
  19. Sprint Review *
  20. ROI and Risk Management
  21. Supplier Management (depends on #4)
  22. Agile Contracts (depends on #4)
  23. The MetaScrum (depends on #8, #10, #11, #13 and #26)
  24. Separation of Command and Control (depends on #17)
  25. Scaling Scrum
  26. Value Calculation (depends on #37)
  27. Boss /Worker game
  28. Spec /Developer game (depends on #4)
  29. ROI exercise (depends on #20)
  30. Overview of Product Backlog items (depends on #4)
  31. Examples of Product Backlog Items (alternative to #4)
  32. Feature-based Product Backlog Items (depends on #4)
  33. User Stories as Product Backlog Items (depends on #4)
  34. Use Cases as Product Backlog Items (urgently recommended; depends on #4)