Lean Architecture and Agile Feature Implementation

Taught by James O. Coplien
June 14-15, 2012 in Paris, France

Want to learn about all the buzz around Lean Architecture and the new book? How to get architecture into your Scrum process? Get the details at this course!

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Agile has long shunned up-front design. When Agilists force themselves to do up-front work, it usually is limited to a symbolic use of User Stories for requirements and metaphor for architecture, with much of the rest left to refactoring.

Experience and formal studies have shown that incremental approaches to architecture can possibly lead to poor structure in the long term. This course shows how to use domain analysis in a Lean way to build an architecture of form that avoids the mass of structure that usually accompanies big up-front design, using only judicious documentation.

It will also show how architecture can accommodate incremental addition of features using Trygve Reenskaug’s new DCI (Data, Context and Interaction) approach, and how it maps elegantly onto C++ implementations.

The course is based on the new Wiley book of the same title (