CSM Certified ScrumMaster

Taught by Joe Little
June 18-20, 2012 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania

This course is for all people interested in Scrum and Agile.

It was originally created to train ScrumMasters, but is now used to train teams and to train the managers around teams. It is particularly useful if a whole team (or team group) takes the course together. In any case, all team roles (programmer, tester, analyst, Product Owner, ScrumMaster, etc) and managers and other interested parties can attend. For example, CEOs have attended with benefit.

While it is a beginner level course, this course includes the practical knowledge to immediately start doing Scrum with a team. You will also learn not just the how, but also the why.

This course is immersive and intensive, including practical, hands-on exercises and small-group discussions.

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Cluj-Napoca, ROM


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Summary of the Course

Through a combination of immersive team-based learning, exercises, and real-world case studies, you will learn:

• To plan, initiate and lead a Scrum project
• To establish a shared vision for the entire team
• To generate an agile release plan utilizing user stories and story point estimation
• To lead your Scrum team through planning, review, and retrospective sessions
• To create an environment in which self-managing teams can flourish
• To identify and remove impediments
• To identify, engage and involve business stakeholders in your project
• To take most existing teams to the next level
• Practical suggestions purchased expensively from the school of hard knocks

This training provides an applied understanding of the Scrum process and helps participants begin to develop the tools, insights, and skills required to apply Scrum on their projects and across their organizations.

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Additional Information: The course will run from 9am-5pm each day. A continental breakfast, breaks and lunch will be provided.

Following the course, each participant is enrolled as a Certified ScrumMaster, which includes a one-year membership in the Scrum Alliance, where additional ScrumMaster-only material and information are available. Participants will also get a hardcopy and a softcopy of the slide deck used (and more).

Course Leader: Joe Little is an Agile coach and Certified Scrum Trainer. His goal is to use Lean-Agile principles and practices to help firms deliver more business value for customers, to make workers’ lives better and to benefit stakeholders. Discovering business value is one of his passions. And helping teams discover new avenues to greater productivity. He is proud for several people he has mentored, who now themselves are very strong in Agile.
Joe learned Scrum from Ken Schwaber and later mentored with Jeff Sutherland, with whom he continues to co-teach. He also works with several other CSTs (and friends). He produces Lean Software training with the Poppendiecks. His preference is to practice Agile as a combination of Scrum, XP and Lean principles and practices. Joe was a speaker at Agile2007 and at Agile2008 and at AgileTour 2009. He started Agile-Carolinas.

He started off as an English major and international banker, but after getting an MBA, got into the software industry and became a management consultant. Having worked on so many software development projects over 20+ years, he is possibly a real geek now. He started his own firm in 1991. Many years ago, he was a Big 6 management consultant (Senior Manager). He has been a senior business and IT consultant to a small number of household names in New York, London, and Charlotte. He has worked with relatively few clients, since his clients tend to invite him back. He named his firm Kitty Hawk in part because of the Wright Brothers’ success in turning an idea into reality.